Reliable Company

A programme that associates over 43 thousand entrepreneurs for whom it is of particular importance to confirm their honesty in business.

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kaczmarski inkasso

The first Polish company operating on the debt recovery market. Expert in the field of comprehensive handling of debt.

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KRD Academy

An educational project of KRD Economic Information Bureau which is aimed at propagation of knowledge in the field of receivables management.

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Consumer Protection Portal

The only website in Poland which enables individual customers to verify themselves, their employers or any company in the KRD Economic Information Bureau.

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Krajowy Rejestr Długów Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej SA
ul. Danuty Siedzikówny 12, 51-214 Wrocław, Poland. The company entered in the National Court Register of Commercial Companies kept by the VI Economic Division of Wrocław-Fabryczna Regional Court KRS: 000169851, NIP: 895-17-94-707, REGON: 932913319. Initial capital of PLN 4.000.000 (fully paid up)